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Vesen is one of the leaders in fabrication of natural stones. Over 20 years experience in this field, we can proudly say we are one of the important leaders in the industry in China, and at the same time, we are one of the important stone suppliers in USA! Its dominant position in the market has been achieved through continuous investment, extensive research, highly personnel training, competitive pricing and excellent services!

In 1998, when almost nobody in China knew what vanity tops and tiles looked like, we shipped the first vanity tops container in June to our customer in San Antonio TX. Later on, we shipped another container of granite tiles with more than 20 colors assorted to Portland. In the following years, our products have been shipping and installing in almost every city in USA! Even in 2008, most of the stone enterprises almost went out of business by the effect of financial crisis; we still had more than 300 containers shipped to USA. We maintain an annual growth by 30%.

Our pride is the customers’ loyalty! All customers have kept working with us since they gave us the first orders! And more and more new customers are coming to us by themselves!

Vanity tops, kitchen counter tops, prefabricated counter tops, Tub Surrounds,Tiles, slabs, Fireplaces and Monuments are our main products. In the same time, we are also providing our valued customers with cabinets for both kitchens and bath rooms, porcelain sinks & stainless steel sinks, faucets, etc..

☆Why Vesen?

1. Strong sense of marketing understanding
With more then 10 years business experience in USA stone markets, we know very well how important the quality, the transportation, the packaging, the deliveries and the service are for our customers.

2. Strong sense of responsibility
Customer is God. We always take our responsibility in respect of any quality problems even we have received all money in our pocket.

3. Strict quality policy
Quality first, we implement strict quality management procedures. Including very strict checking on materials, thicknesses, colors, polishing, edges finishing, measuring, crating, loading as well as shop drawings. We always can find out and correct the mistakes on shop drawings provided by customers and prevent our customers from tremendous losses!

4. Strong in packaging
To avoid any breakages during transportation, we use the thicker and wider (7/8”X4”) woods to build up strong crates. By doing so, we haven’t received any claim about crating and packaging problems.

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